To put it lightly, Naomi Osaka’s decision to withdraw from the French Open shocked a lot of people this week.

In a two-page post on her official Instagram account, Osaka opened up about experiencing bouts of depression since the 2018 US Open. She also discussed wearing headphones to quell her social anxiety, whilst also giving a brief shout-out to some of the “cool” reporters and availing herself for talks with sports officials about ways to “make things better for players, press, and fans.”

Her decision to speak out was met with mixed responses from celebrities Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova…

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Be yourself so the people who need you can find you. — Arlan Hamilton


  • Wingwomen is a new social media network for professional women who value wellness and mental health.
  • Wingwomen is an early-stage, pre-seed health-tech company that has not yet opened a round of funding.
  • The social media network allows users to connect in micro-communities where they can discuss wellness, mental health, or work-related stressors with other users, or by career level. (i.e. mid-level, c-suite, founder).
  • The California-based wellness company was founded by entrepreneur Adonica Shaw.
  • The founder is an All Raise alumna, and an alumna of the…

At a time when conversations around mental health are becoming more prevalent, particularly for women, it’s important not to leave PTSD out of the conversation.

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Trigger Warning. This article contains content that may be triggering. It includes a discussion of alcoholism, PTSD, abuse, trauma, mental health, and sexual abuse.

The first time I saw any depiction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was in 2010 when the Tyler Perry movie “For Colored Girls” came out in theatres. …

Adonica Shaw

Adonica Shaw is the founder of the social media network Wingwomen.

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